Due to pandemic, there are many restrictions all over the World and people are getting bored. Especially in Poland, where people had such freedom to have fun, to follow the restrictions and stay home is a very difficult task.

Yesterday 24 March 2021 evening around 8pm, a 26-year-old man, resident of Saska Kepa, Warsaw decided to go out for a walk. There is not special about going for a walk, but the way that he went for a walk surprised everyone. He decided to go for a walk in the same way as God created him – Fully Naked!

He was walking naked along Al.Waszyngtona Street, while a Police patrol notice him. He ran away and entered a medical store. Police followed him and when they entered the store, he punched one police officer and tried to escape. However, Police overpowered him and managed to arrest him. After examined by a doctor, Police dressed him and took him to the hospital

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