8-year-old Elizabeth had diabetes. Her parents, instead of medicine, believed in the healing power of prayer. They stopped giving the child medication, and it ended in a tragedy. 

Elizabeth’s parents ran a home church and were opposed to pharmacological treatment, claiming, “It was God who fought diseases, not medicines.” Therefore, Elizabeth was cut off from insulin medications that helped her fight diabetes. The parents wanted to fight the girl’s illness with prayer.

On January 11, police officers called to intervene at a Property in Queensland found the body of Elizabeth Rose Struhs. According to the officers, the girl may have been dead for 4 days. The girl’s parents, Jason Struhs, 50, and Kerrie, 46, have heard the charges and are awaiting trial.

Elizabeth’s parents could not adequately take care of their daughter’s health. In the fight against diabetes, it is important to change your lifestyle and take medications systematically. Patients should learn a completely new type of nutrition. In addition, they need to know how to take oral antidiabetic drugs, how to give themselves insulin, and above all how to carry out the necessary checks.

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