Indian Mythology is a treasure of timeless knowledge, which holds true in all times and across all human communities. There are stories, which cover many aspects of human beings, their emotions, relation with each other across diverse cultures, relation to the ecosystem, which sustains their lives on the planet.

Sunday 21 February 2021, IPNews along with Mythical Moments, had started the first out of the 10 sessions of Indian mythical story time workshop. It was led by Ms Monalisa Dash, an Indian living in Poland. It turned out to be a great success with 10 kids participating during the first session. Among the other kids from Poland, there were kids from other parts of Europe and a 4-year old kid from Mississippi, USA.

If you missed to enroll your child, you can still do for the next sessions, which takes place every Sunday at 6pm. You simply send an email to to get the link for Zoom.

The participants get a chance to ask queries while the story goes on. The discussion also makes the children aware about related festivals, important places on the map of India, regional customs (thus emphasizing diversity). Perspective of life as our ancestors viewed from their experience, which defined the attitude of humans to each other, towards the ecosystem. On completion of all sessions, participants will get an e-certificate of participation.

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