An article was published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports about the extraordinary case of a child suffering from trifalia. In a text prepared by medics, there was a report describing the world’s first case of a newborn born with three penises. Interestingly, the defect was noticed only three months after the birth.

Doctors discovered an unprecedented genetic defect A child with three penises is a genetic defect that has so far been unknown to the medical world. Over a year ago, the boy was born with a new mutation, called triphalia. Only three months after birth, parents and doctors noticed that the baby had three penises. The whole story came out after a year.

A Kurdish boy from Duhok was hospitalized when he was 3 months old after his parents were concerned about a swollen scrotum. During the examination, the doctors found out that the child has two additional penises, the length of which does not exceed 2 cm. It turned out that only one of the penises is functional. The other two were not functioning properly. They did not have a urethra, so the newborn could not use them.

Nevertheless, the child’s possible partner would certainly not like the additional organ in the future, so surgery was the best option. The operation was successful. It’s been over a year since the surgery and the baby is doing well. Every now and then he undergoes routine examinations and checkups, but all indications are that the extra penises did not negatively affect his overall health.

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