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On 16 January 2021, an Indian restaurant in Torun who were unable to benefit from the government’s support funds for restaurants opened it for the visitors despite the pandemic restrictions. The case was going on, and now as a result, they got the punishment of 10,000zl as well as 5000zl from the sanepid (health department).

Agnieszka Czyż, the wife of the owner, an Indian in Poland, said, “She and her husband, an Indian, began to sink into debt. By working only on the go, restaurateurs lost 90 percent of their turnover. They already had their utilities cut off, their bank accounts blocked, and their creditors were bothering them. I don’t regret it. We had no other choice! Thanks to this decision, we managed to survive and almost get out of debt. We have not fired any of our staff. And our guests still support us. However, the situation is sad, because the Sanepid, who counts every zloty, first punished a fine of PLN 10,000, and then added another PLN 5,000. So we are fighting against it in the court, to not pay this amount.”

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