In many cities of Poland, there were demonstrations on 14 and 15 June 2023 in defense of women – the victims of restrictive anti-abortion law. The women’s protests in Poland took place after the death of 33-year-old Dorota, a patient of the John Paul II hospital in Nowy Targ, whose amniotic waters disappeared in the 20th week of pregnancy, and doctors decided to wait for the spontaneous death of the fetus. The case ended tragically, the woman died of sepsis.

They demonstrated under the slogan “Not one more”! Shouting the slogan, “Stop killing us,” demonstrators are demanding urgent action to address the devastating consequences of the restrictive legislation. “I joined the protest because I want to be safe and this can happen to any of us” – one of the participants said.

The crowd gathered in Warsaw also carried banners with the names of other women who recently died because their pregnancy was not terminated at the right time. The organizers of the protests emphasize that these are simply murder and torture in maternity wards, by forcing women to carry unwanted pregnancies and to give birth.

Today we are governed by ideology, not medicine – said MP of the Civic Platform, Monika Wielichowska.

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