“I always wanted to have my eyes tattooed, I thought they fit me,” says 22-year-old Aleksandra from Wroclaw, Poland. 

She was looking for a person who would undertake this task for a long time. Initially, she considered visiting an experienced tattoo artist from abroad. However, the choice fell on a renowned tattoo studio in the center of Warsaw. 

The tattoo artist inserted the needle too deeply, the ink spilled over the eyeballs, the procedure led to paralysis of the optic nerves. As a result, 22-year-old Aleksandra lost sight in her right eye, and vision in her left eye was significantly reduced. In the studio, she heard then that this is a normal symptom that should pass, and the swelling formed on the eyes will go down to 3 weeks and after that time she will see as before. However, this did not happen. She lost her eyesight. 

She underwent three ophthalmic procedures. The doctors did not give her a chance to regain her sight, but thanks to the treatments they tried to stabilize the pressure in the eye and relieve her pain. They also wanted to rinse the ink from the eye, but the dye had entered into the tissue.