From 1 February 2023, entities producing selected categories of agri-food products exported to India will be subject to registration with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

Who is subject to the obligation to register?

The registration obligation applies to producers of food products from the following categories:

(1) milk and milk products,

(2) meat and meat products (including fish and fish products),

(3) egg powder (egg powder),

(4) baby food,

(5) nutraceuticals (e.g. dietary supplements, foods for special purposes).

The registration process of Polish entities is carried out by:

  • County authorities of the Veterinary Inspection in the case of products from categories (1), (2) and (3);
  • District bodies of the State Sanitary Inspection in the case of products from categories (4) and (5).

Information on the new Indian requirements is available on the website of the National Support Centre for Agriculture.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

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